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최근 나노입자의 toxicology와 clinical potential

In recent years, nanoparticles (NPs) have increasingly found practical applications in technology, research and medicine. The small particle size coupled to their unique chemical and physical properties is thought to underlie their exploitable biomedical activities. Here, we review current toxicity studies of NPs with clinical potential. Mechanisms of cytotoxicity are discussed and the problem of extrapolating knowledge gained from cell-based studies into a human scenario is highlighted. The so-called ‘proof-of-principle’ approach, whereby ultra-high NP concentrations are used to ensure cytotoxicity, is evaluated on the basis of two considerations; firstly, from a scientific perspective, the concentrations used are in no way related to the actual doses required which, in many instances, discourages further vital investigations. Secondly, these inaccurate results cast doubt on the science of nanomedicine and thus, quite dangerously, encourage unnecessary alarm in the public. In this context, the discrepancies between in vitro and in vivo results are described along with the need for a unifying protocol for reliable and realistic toxicity reports.

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CNT와 거미줄을 접목시켜서 거미줄의 신축성을 보존하고 전기전도성까지 갖게 된다네요. 수업시간에 다루는 나노 기술을 바라보는 시각과 비슷한 기사입니다.수업에서 배우는 게 실제 연구 현장에서 치열하게 일어나는 일이라 생각하니신기합니다.오늘날 과학기술계는 천연 재료, 예; 거미줄 등을 사용한전자 재료 개발을 연구하고 있다.그 중 거미줄은 단백질의 천연 섬유로,

gecko technology 응용기사입니다!

자연 모방한 접착제 없는 의료용 패치 개발도마뱀이나 딱정벌레가 천장에 거꾸로 매달리는 능력을 모방한 의료용 패치(반창고)가 국내에서 개발됐다. 서울대는 서갑양 교수(기계항공공학부) 연구진이 자연에 존재하는 미세 구조를 모방해 세계 최초로 접착제 없이도 피부에 붙일 수 있는 패치를 개발했다고 15일 밝혔다. 서 교수가 개발한 패치 표면에는 접착제 대신 수 ㎜

미래부, 면역세포간 신호전달 돕는 나노다리 개발

면역세포 사이를 나노다리로 연결해 면역력을 증강시킬 수 있는 방법이 국내 연구진에 의해 개발됐다.강원대 생물의소재공학과 유혁상 교수 연구팀이 미래창조과학부와 한국연구재단이 추진하는 중견연구자지원사업의 지원을 받아 수행한 이번 연구결과는 화학분야 국제학술지 ACS NANO지 지난달 26일자에 게재됐다.나노입자를 이용한 기존 면역치료 연구는 구형의 나노입자에 


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